Online gambling soon legal: addiction free ticket?

Illegal online gambling casinos are booming, the state has so far been left empty-handed. A reform of the USA gaming market should soon change that. According to dpa information, gaming sites on the Internet will soon be legalized – under strict conditions. Strict enough to protect addicts? 

Questions and answers

Questions and answers

What should change?

Even if gambling is actually ubiquitous on the Internet – most offers are currently still illegal.

With the reform of the State Treaty on Gambling planned for July 2021, users of online casinos or online poker sites should be able to play for money completely legally in the future. At the same time, many legal restrictions on online sports betting should also fall.

The reason: State lotteries have lost many customers to the online black market in recent years. By taxing legal games, they hope to offset some of their losses.

What is the advantage for players?

Customers probably cannot hope for better chances of winning than with the illegal sites. The offers of the new legal online casinos could even be less attractive than the black market – precisely because they have to pay taxes.

“The federal states have waited far too long for the reform, “head of the Institute for Gambling and Society says.” Because there were no legal offers, the black market could only really establish itself. “The risk of being punished for playing illegal games was negligible.

How does the state want to protect addicts?

Providers must set up a gaming account for each player. The registration is intended to prevent a player from wagering more than 1,000 euros a month. The providers must also establish an “automated system” for the early detection of addicted players.

Addicts can register themselves on a blacklist. Legal providers are then not allowed to accept bets from them. These restrictions do not apply to online casinos that are not registered.

Online Gambling legislation news

Online Gambling legislation news

Do profits from the online casino have to be taxed? Is gambling legal in the online casino? What effects will new gambling laws in USA, UK and Canada have on you personally? All these questions are asked by thousands of players every day. However, depending on the website, there is a lot of information that is often completely contradictory.

With our News Gambling Legislation page we want to shed light on this and bring clarity to you on these important issues. Here you will find all relevant topics quickly, neatly researched and, above all, prepared in understandable text.

Our News Gambling Legislation area not only deals with online casinos, but also with all important developments in the area of ​​gaming in USA, UK and Canada. Always be well informed and never let an X be shown for a U again. You can find all the information you need to gamble safely in our Gambling News legislation.

To protect players from gambling addiction, deposits should be limited to EUR 1,000 a month – for all offers together. Playing different offers at the same time is not permitted. Even third parties should be able to have vulnerable players blocked via the new supervisory authority. The gambling companies must keep the personal data of the players available for “control” at any time for the supervisory authority to identify violations. The authority maintains a “central file for limit monitoring”. In sports betting, event bets should be allowed according to the draft – but with restrictions in the so-called live bet during a game or competition.

Casino games in Online Gambling casinos

Casino games in Online Gambling casinos

Your favorite online casino has now finally the slot machines in the program, but unfortunately you have not known this before. Or a new slot is causing a lot of enthusiasm among many players, but this hype was completely gone. Then this can change from today. Because in our News Casino Games section you will always find the latest news about slot machines. 

But not only can the latest slots be discovered here, because classic table games like roulette are also dealt with in the news casino games. 

No matter whether innovative games or a gigantic jackpot that is just waiting to be won. With our news casino games you are always up to date. Here you can find out immediately where the latest slot machines are available for gaming.

Casino business news about Online Gambling

Casino business news about Online Gambling

There is a company behind almost every game of chance today. Regardless of whether it is an online casino, a games library or a slot machine, a group is always involved.

But what about these companies, some of which turn over billions of euros each year? We get to the bottom of this question in our News Economy section. Is there a possible takeover and if so, what does this mean for me as a player?

Can an online casino provider face bankruptcy and what happens to my deposited money? In our business news section you can get the answers you need.

And this is done immediately, understandably and above all relentlessly honest. Because we are not committed to anyone, only to our readers. We provide you with the latest quarterly figures of all important companies in the industry and highlight various developments. So be on the ball and be the first to find out in the news industry what is going on behind the scenes in this exciting industry.

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