Tiger’s claw

Tigers Claw is a strange and bizarre new casino game that has recently started to become extremely popular in Las Vegas and other casinos across the country. It is a mixture of luck, skill and psychology and anyone who tells you that it is easy is lying to you, at least that is what I have been told by those who have tried it. I am not sure about you but even with a solid theoretical background, I find that the best way to learn something is by actually trying it for yourself so I will therefore give you a brief rundown of how to play this odd little casino game.

You start the game by starting off by choosing a red or pink tiger from the reels and you then place your money on the correct tiger. You will notice that every time you place your money down the tiger will change into either a male or female tiger. On winning you will receive a set of three free spins, after which you will have to put your money back on the reels before the game ends and you move onto the next round. The great thing about this game is that the free spins are random and you do not need to predict which tiger will come out as this will only happen if you make guesses. On losing a spin you will receive one of three explanations, the first being that the opponent dealt you a free spin because they were bluffing, the second being that the opponent was not bluffing and the last being that the opponent was just unlucky.

The one downside to playing Tigers Claw is that it can take up a lot of time, one that you don’t want to waste since this is a game that can be won within a few minutes. Also there are some bad people out there who are known to try and manipulate other players of the game in order to win. This is why it is important that before you sign up with an online casino that you read reviews of the site and look at their reputation. There are many sites online that are safe to play at, but there are also sites that you should avoid playing at as well. Doing these simple things will ensure that you are enjoying the game and winning more in no time at all.

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