Reels of wealth

When more than three or four MEGASTARJackspot symbols appear along the reels of wealth on any of the machines, the Mega Crate game starts. The reels of wealth change rapidly from one symbol to another as more symbols surround the players. Each time the symbol appears more money is collected and the player is said to “earn” more money by winning the mini-match. The first person to reach twenty-one marks for that particular line is deemed the winner of this exciting casino game.

You can use the icons that are found on top of the reels of wealth to help you win money, but they are not required. This is important because sometimes there are icons that change when you reach a specific number of coins or money. Some of these symbols are not part of the base game and will not help you with the mini-games. Make sure that before you bet, you know what is going on with the symbols on the reels of Wealth.

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