Jack hammer

Jack Hammer is a well-known free-to- play slots game now available on Facebook and Google Play. Play Jack Hammer from anywhere, anyplace. This fun comic book classic is now optimized for mobile handsets. Whether you’re surfing the web, driving to the store or waiting in line at the grocery store, Jack Hammer is here to provide the thrill of slots with a little flair.

Players can choose from one of seven basic reels, each with their own special “tactic” or pattern of usage. The aim is to capitalize on these patterns and win as much money as possible by using as few coins as possible. Each card has a small coin that is used in a combination with the total number of total spins to determine its outcome. Once all seven cards have been played, the player will lose and will be asked to start again with a new bet.

Players can switch up their strategies with the “sticky win feature” which allows them to use a different reels every time they place a bet. For example, if someone bets $10, they may switch to the jack hammer slot machine and then play it for only seven times, rather than the traditional 10. They may switch again to the jackhammer but play it for only five spins, and so on. The change in strategies could result in a very big payout, and the fact that there are many more jack hammers available than traditional slots make this a very exciting and unique experience. To make the most of the sticky win feature, make sure you are constantly aware of how many total bets you will be making. Use the feedback provided on Facebook as you prepare and play your slots for maximum fun.

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