Fruit vs candy

Fruit VS Candy is a simple, light-hearted casino game with colorful bright colors and a candy and green background that support only a basic set of coins and a single command line under which you can bet your wagers. This version is based on the popular arcade game of the same title and is played in the same way as most other versions of the game. The main difference between this and other variations is that it does not feature any of the familiar sounds and graphical symbols normally associated with slots – such as hearts or stars. The game is instead more focused on the colorful icons that represent the different fruit icon locations on the reels and is more suited to a visual interface than a text-based interface.

The paytable for this game is also different from all other variations of fruit vs candy. The normal paytable for every slot is based on the paytable of the base game, but the icons used in the fruit vs candy base game have been modified to show up more often on the paying machines and have a higher payoff. There are three types of icons used in the game: the typical heart symbol, the star symbol, and the paw print symbol. The symbols are arranged so that they either appear frequently on paying machines (paw prints give the highest winnings) or are located in places that would seem more likely to attract customers to try their luck at playing slots.

There are only five reels in the game, and each reel corresponds to one of the many different fruit or candy combinations that are featured on the game’s machine menu. The icons are arranged in a regular layout that is easy to follow, even for new players who do not yet know which symbols are which and where they are located on the reels. The icons are color coded to enable players to easily see the differences between winning combinations by simple observation of the icons and the payouts for those combinations. There are also bonus icons that, upon being clicked, will change the playing sequence for the player so that they can try to win combinations that the machine might not have already paid out on. The use of these bonus icons makes winning the jackpot a much easier process than trying to predict what the jackpot will be before the ball is thrown.

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