California gold

California Gold slots is a casino game detailed about gold digging. Players can see symbols of dynamite, map, brushes, golden bars, lamps, picks, dynamite spheres, chests, an old gold mine, dynamite lamps, and pans. The video slot machine is set on 3 columns, 5 lines, and 20 payout lines and has an RTM of 95.2%”. It is interesting to note that the video slot has the highest percentage of paying machines in a casino. This makes the game worth playing for the players who are willing to invest a lot of time in the game.

There are three types of coins that players can collect and exchange in this casino game: bonus coins, high roll coins, and regular coins. Bonus coins are given to the winners in the games as a reward for a winning combination; the highest roll coins, which have no face value, can be used as chips in other games. High roll coins, which have a face value, are awarded as jackpot prizes. There is also another kind called the “special” coin. In this case, it has a higher chance of being turned into actual money than the regular ones.

The rules of this slot machine game are the same with other slot machines of its type in different casinos. The main difference is that the bonus icons are shown on the screen instead of symbols on the reels. When the player wishes to change the denomination, he will click on the icon and will see a new amount of coins that he can use. It takes a few seconds for the change to take place. The rules of this California Gold slot machine game are quite easy, so one should not have any problem playing the game with a minimum of strategy.

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