Blackjack players choice

If you enjoy the thrill of online blackjack games but are intimidated by the usual bonuses, consider trying out Blackjack Players’ Choice. This fun casino game has great graphics and gives you the power to determine the outcome of your hand. Rather than being faced with a fixed deck of cards, you can choose up to five cards and place bets on each one. You can also choose between stand and hit bets, where a player may choose to get an extra card instead of a natural 21.

Player’s Choice Blackjack is played in a similar manner to traditional blackjack. The difference lies in the number of decks, and if the dealer has a blackjack, he will take the first two cards and then check the cards of the players. A player can hit blackjack when his first two cards total 21. The dealer’s up card indicates the total value of his hand. As such, the game is more difficult to win, but it still offers the possibility of huge wins.

In Blackjack Players Choice, the player can place an insurance bet if the dealer reveals an ace. This side bet pays two to one if the dealer has a blackjack. Players can place insurance bets on the “insurance bar” above the cards they have. If the dealer has blackjack, the insurance bet will pay 2 to 1 and the player will keep his bet. It is important to know the house edge for the game before placing bets on it.

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