Aces and faces

When you play the Aces and Faces casino game, you’ll be playing against a computer. Once you’ve placed your initial required bid, the computer will randomly deal you five cards. Each of those cards has a value, and the payouts for each one will vary slightly. To make the game more interesting, the value of the cards is listed in ascending order. This means that the highest-valued hand is the one with the highest payout.

The best possible hand in Aces And Faces is the royal flush, which pays out at 500 to 1 if you bet less than five coins or 800 to 1 when you bet the maximum amount. While these hands are rare, they account for a large part of the game’s payback percentage. Each version of the game has different pay tables. Some pay out more than others, and some payouts are more consistent than others. Learning the best payout table for a particular game can help you maximize your payback percentage.

If you enjoy video poker games, you’ll love the Aces and Faces casino game. This popular variant of Jacks or Better is another excellent choice. You can expect a high payout percentage as long as you play with 5 coins. For those new to video poker, we recommend playing the game in 3 Hands mode and choose the three-hand variant. This way, you can play for a higher bankroll with a larger chance of winning.

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